How do you setup your Lyfe?

First off thanks for installing Lyfe and I know it might look a bit too much at first but here we will introduce you to the settings you have available. One important thing is that everything you need to change in the commands are marked as [] within those brackets there is a option to put your role, channel, symbol i.e. ?config prefix %

If you have any issues please join the support server‚Äč


Lyfe uses a ranking system to define the moderation actions, for more information go here, so let's set up the Mid-rank and Low-rank.

To do that, follow this:

?config midrank [@admin]
?config lowrank [@mod]

We also have something called High-rank, but when Lyfe joins it will automatically set up Highrank to the owners highest role


A prefix is a symbol in front of the command that calls the bot, the default prefix is ? and if you want to change the symbol to something else, you can do so by typing:

?config prefix [symbol]

Remind yourself that the symbol will change immediately, so if you type in the former symbol "?", the command will not work unless you use the new symbol

Disable Commands

If you don't like a command, then you can simply disable it by typing:

?config disabled [command]

You can't currently remove a disabled command You can't disable basic commands

Support Team

Lyfe has a command called ticket

I'll first explain what a ticket is and then I will tell you how to use it. Let's say that you have a question for the team/staff, then if you use the command, a private channel will be created and only you and the team can view it, then the team can answer your question and close the channel.

And moving on to how to set it up, all you have to do is set up the Support Team . You do that by typing:

?config supportrole [@role]

Once someone creates a ticket, they can view it. Everyone with Discord's Administrator permission can also view the channel.


Logs are an easy way to be up to date with what is happening in the community, to use logs you have to setup the log channel and then type:

?config logs [#channel]

Logging types

When you activate logging there will be a few different things logging, these are messageUpdate and messageDelete you can disable/enable these by typing the following:

?config [messageUpdate/messageDelete] [true/false]

Logging will always log a moderation command (warnings, kicks, bans, lockdowns)


When users join a discord server you want to welcome them and show important channels like rules. Lyfe has 2 features for when a user joins your server.


Lyfe supports welcome messages these work when a user joins the discord server and gives them a cool hello message with important information. Before you set the message make sure you already set the "System Messages Channel" in the server settings and disabled the welcome message there. To set a welcome message type:

?config welcomeMessage [text]

In the text you will type your text, we also support 3 things:

  • [user] - Tags the user

  • [server] - Gives the server name

  • #channel - Tags a channel to click on.


Lyfe also supports a automatic role when the user joins the server like the role member. this command can only be activated when the welcome message is active, like when you entered a text.

?config welcomeRole [@role]

Leveling System

Lyfe has a universal leveling system, this means that through all servers Lyfe is in it will share the rank and you wouldn't have to restart each time you join a new server. From a level up you also get Lyfe tokens (LT) which you can spend on in the casino category ?help Casino. You can also disable the leveling system on your server by typing:

?config levelSystem [true/false]

You can also disable the level up message by typing:

?config levelAlert [true/false]


Everyone hates when people spam right? Lyfe has a option to disable spam so to start the spam block type:

?config spamBlock [true/false]

You can also change the amount of spam required (the amount of messages in a period of time) by typing:

?config spamAmount [number]

Blacklist Words

Blacklisting words is an easy way of moderation what you can/can't type. To set any blacklisted words you will need to type:

?config blacklist [word]

You can't remove any blacklisted word(s)


Lyfe has a bounty gamemode build in which you can influence/disable depending on what you want, to enable/disable type:

?config bountyGame [true/false]

After that you can change certain values of the game:


To change the time the user will be muted after a bounty is cought and killed type:

?config bountyTime [time(2h)]


To change the chances of a user getting cought in a bounty type:

?config bountyChance [number(50)]


To change if the user should be muted or not you need to type:

?config bountyMute [true/false]