How do you setup your Lyfe?


You're going to want to setup the Midrank and Lowrank.

To do that, follow this:

?config midrank @admin
?config lowrank @mod

Highrank is already set up to the owner's highest rank, so only you (the owner) and everyone else with that role can use the command config

Disable Commands

If you don't like a command, then you can simply disable it by typing:

?config disabled [command]

You can't currently remove a disabled command You can't disable basic commands


Prefix is a symbol in front of the command, the default prefix is ? and if you want to change the symbol to something else, you can do so by typing:

?config prefix [symbol]

Remind yourself that the symbol will change immediately, so if you type in the former symbol "?", the command will not work unless you use the new symbol

Support Team

Lyfe has a command called ticket

I'll first explain what a ticket is and then I will tell you how to use it. Let's say that you have a question for the team/staff, then if you use the command, a private channel will be created and only you and the team can view it, then the team can answer your question and close the channel.

And moving on to how to set it up, all you have to do is set up the Support Team . You do that by typing:

?config supportrole [@role]

Once someone creates a ticket, they can view it. Everyone with Discord's Administrator permission can also view the channel.


Logs are an easy way to be up to date with what is happening in the community, to use logs you have to setup the log channel and then type:

?config logs [#channel]

Once you have done that, it will be ready to go.

Blacklist Words

Blacklisting words is an easy way of moderation what you can/can't type. To set any blacklisted words you will need to type:

?config blacklist [word]

You can't remove any blacklisted word(s)

Welcome Message

Lyfe supports welcome messages which will be featured in an embed, to set a welcome message type:

?config welcomeMessage [text]

In the text you will type your text, we also support 3 things:

  • [user] - Tags the user

  • [server] - Gives the server name

  • #channel - Tags a channel to click on.