Permission levels

While this isn't a command this is very handy to have. We have 3 permission levels:

  • Highrank

  • Midrank

  • Lowrank

Highrank can access every command that there is. Midrank can do some but not all and lowrank can do some but isn't really important

If there isn't a Midrank and Lowrank then everyone with Administrator can access Highrank commands

To find out what the ranks can do type this as command

?help [command]

Then you will see something called "Permission level" here is some information about that

  • 0 = Guests(everyone)

  • 1 = Lowrank

  • 2 = Midrank

  • 3 = Highrank

So let's say it's 2 then midrank and up can access that command

Rank access

Next you will see what every rank can do for commands

Every role above the set role have the same permissions


  • Auto Role

  • Config

  • Record

  • Giveaway

  • Unban


  • Ban

  • Kick

  • Lockdown

  • Purge

  • Role

  • Unmute

  • Deletemsg


  • Warning

  • Slowmode

  • Mute

  • Nickname