Command: "config"

This command may be a little difficult for someone with no experience in programming to understand, but hopefully this section can guide you through it.

args = arguments like:

?config [arg 1] [arg 2] ect. ect.
No args
1 arg
2 args
No args

When you type in this command, Lyfe will show you all the server settings you can change. Let's say you want to change the prefix. You will need to type:

?config prefix [symbol]
1 arg

This will give you some details about the arg, for example this argument is "prefix" it will show what it means.

2 args

This will change the settings, no more are required to make it happen

For prefix you can only do 1 symbol

Command Disabling

You can disable commands by typing:

?config disabled [command]

You can't disable the basic commands!

Blacklisted Words

You can also blacklist words by typing:

?config blacklist [word]

You can't remove any blacklisted words