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Getting a Lyfe

It's time for you to finally start getting Lyfe, a vital virtual component to your reality. It's very simple, and this site will help you with the process.
Life is never too easy without Lyfe -Tazio 2019
Everything in this book will have default server settings.
Let's start with getting Lyfe into your server of choice. To add Lyfe to any one of your servers, visit this site and follow the simple process. After you've added it to the server of your choice, follow the pages below!
Lyfe was made on May 27th, 2019, and is made by Tazio (me) with some help from friends. It has perfected its commands over time, and I'm very proud to finally present it. It was first made to be some learning points to perfect my JavaScript. When some of my friends told me that they liked it, I was intrigued to continue this book and I wanted to know if I could do more with what I knew about Discord. Lyfe is still under construction, so don't think it won’t have any bugs... We have some quite sophisticated commands that you will need to learn and understand if you want to make 100% use of it. You’ll be a true Jedi once you master it!
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